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One of my absolute favorite things about being a parent is listening to my girls. I love to hear them talk. I love hearing them sing. I adore watching their facial expressions when they are talking about something exciting that happened at school or when they randomly burst out in song during dinner. But my most favorite is when they say hilarious and witty things. They have no idea how precious they are but then again, I am just a little biased. I think listening to our children is one of the best rewards of parenting. I can’t imagine car rides without little voices coming from the back seat, singing newly learned praise songs…or “Flo Rida” but I won’t go into that right now. Hearing their sweet words is good for the soul. As parents, I think it’s so important to pay attention to the chatter.

Chloe started talking at a very early age and I don’t mean jibber-jabber. By her first birthday, she was talking in complete sentences and I learned pretty quickly that kids say cute things – all the time – and I should write that stuff down! I began keeping little notebooks and journals all over the house so that if she said something I didn’t want to forget, I wouldn’t have an excuse not to jot it down. I’m so glad I started this habit early on in motherhood because at the time, I really didn’t think I would forget the words but I did…especially when it became two little voices. Needless to say, I am thankful for these notebooks!

It was difficult for me to choose but here are some of my favorites:

When asked what Jesus did for us, “He healed our boo-boo’s.” (Cammie, age 4)

While playing superheroes recently, Cammie – “I’ll go beat up the bad guys!” Chloe  – “Okay, I’ll stay here and decorate the fortress.” If that doesn’t show how different their personalities are, I don’t know what does!

“You know what I miss about Papa Frank? He always has that really good bubble gum in his pockets and he gives me some.” (Chloe, age 7)

While having family time, Chloe suddenly announced that “Daddy is the King, Mommy is the Queen, I am the Princess and Cammie is the Jedi guard who protects us with Kung Fu.” (Chloe, age 6) Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!!

What are you thankful for? “Mashed potatoes, Mama and CAKE!” (Cammie, age 5)

After teaching that we need privacy when we are going potty, she poked her head in one day when I was in the bathroom and said gleefully, “Happy privacy!!” (Chloe, age 2)

“That was when I was a little girl, but I grew up to be a super-hero. Now I am a Power Ranger Sparkler – I throw sparkles on the bad guys to make them go away.” (Cammie, age 5)

One day, I exclaimed that she had SO many books and Chloe said, “Well, then I guess we just need to get more book shelves.” (Chloe, age 7) And by the way, I’m glad she is learning early that getting rid of books is never an option!

Cammie calls sneezes, “Bless Yous.” When I sneeze she will say, “Oh no, mommy, you have a case of the bless yous!” It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks. (Cammie, age 4-6)

While eating a burger with sesame seeds on the bun, she referred to the seeds as sprinkles. I told her they were called sesame seeds and she said, “That reminds me of the Bible when the sower sows the sesame seeds.” (Chloe, age 2.5)

After preparing for her upcoming Kindergarten Orientation she asked, “So, when is my Accordion Station?” (Cammie, age 5)

Grandma asked about what she did after pre-school and Chloe said “Well, it goes like this – pre-school, sunday school, and then college. So, after this I get to go to college.”  (Chloe, age 4)

I had been talking to Chloe about not touching some things because they can break. I had to go over it several times when we were in stores because she would touch everything. After I had a particularly emotional day, I tucked her in and as I was singing to her, I got a little teary-eyed and she said in the sweetest little voice, “Mommy, are you breakable?” (Chloe, age 4)

When asked by her teacher to give her favorite memory of her grandparents, Cammie answered, “Eating ice cream. My grandmother likes to feed me ice cream. I love ice cream.” (Cammie, age 5) What do you expect when your mom gives your girls ice cream for breakfast when they visit?! That’s my foodie girl. This got quite a bit of laughs at Grandparents Day at school.

While driving one afternoon in the car with Chloe, she saw a big owl perched on a telephone pole. She shouted, “Mommy, there’s an owl, but I thought those were nocturnal.” I couldn’t believe she knew that word at her age, let alone the meaning of it. (Chloe, age 3)

I was about to change Cammie’s diaper and after seeing it and smelling it, Chloe said emphatically, “PLEASE tell me you are going to wear gloves!”  (Chloe, age 3)

“I wish it would rain hearts. I would catch one and give it to you, mommy.” (Cammie, age 4)

After switching out her Barbie computer for Cammie’s, I asked Chloe why she was doing that and she replied. “I just needed an upgrade.” (Chloe, age 5)

At the funeral of a close neighbor friend, “I bet Mike and Jesus are blowing bubbles right now!” (Chloe, age 3)

Chloe wouldn’t take a simple answer after multiple times of asking how babies came out of mommies tummies, so I finally gave a rather detailed, anatomical description and she interrupted me and said, “No more, I’m done and I don’t ever want to hear about this again. Okay, now I think I need a shower.” (Chloe, age 5)

Prayer at bedtime – “Thank you for mommy and daddy and that I got to go to Bounce U. Please let me touch, pet and ride on a real live zebra and can I go to Disney World sometime? Oh, and please give me 49 puppies. I love you Jesus!” (Cammie, age 4) She was really obsessed with the number 49 for some reason at this time, hence the reason for the specific number of puppies.

A conversation overheard between my girls when they were 3 and 5:

Chloe – “I’m painting like Picasso right now, he was so fabulous!”

Cammie – “What is Picasso?”

Chloe – “Picasso was someone who painted funny things that nobody knew what they were about but everyone thought they were fabulous so I’m going to paint ‘obstruct’ art like that, too.”

If you have kids, I urge you to take a few seconds and record those moments. Someday it will do your heart good to go back and read your child’s words. Write it down.

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