Spiritual Reflections

Molding hearts, shaping lives

A few First grade girls made my day this afternoon. I volunteered at my girls school to help some classes carve soap into hearts (it was Pioneer Day, it’s not a usual thing.) 😉 I was going from table to table asking if anyone needed help. As I was showing a girl how to carve with her little plastic knife, she looked up at me with crystal clear blue eyes and whispered, “You are so beautiful.” After not having time to wash my hair this morning and considering how tight my pants were feeling today, this was so encouraging to hear. Ah, the power of little voices speaking positive thoughts. Two other girls who were at different tables and didn’t hear each other, voiced similar compliments to me while I was helping them. My heart swelled. For a split second I wanted to be an Elementary school teacher. But just for a split second. I joke… but, seriously. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe my admiration for my girls teachers and their school. We have been more than blessed to live in a neighborhood with such a high-caliber public school. I thank God for it everyday.

I was a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher for a short time before I had children and I know it’s incredibly hard work. I also know that it’s the most rewarding job on the planet. Today I got a glimpse into what keeps teachers going on the really hard days. Those imploring, innocent little faces with bright eyes and eager spirits just got to me today. Is there a more fulfilling role than to teach, inspire and change the lives of the future? It doesn’t matter if you home school, choose private school or send your kids to public school – each one is impacting the world on a large-scale. I would venture to say that teaching is absolutely the most important job out there. I am thankful for teachers, principals and volunteers who pour their time, energy and love into children every day. Just like the soap we made today, these teachers are molding and shaping children’s lives – carving big dreams onto their little hearts and lives.

I have been reading Lara Williams blog for a couple of years and her writing really challenges me. Today’s post was especially good. She makes some great points. Just some food for thought since I was on the subject of schooling… Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://tooverflowing.com

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Spiritual Reflections

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