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Saturday Coffee

On this frigid Saturday morning, I was able to rest in my warm comfy bed and go back to sleep while my husband took the girls to their dance class. When they came home he had coffee and breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen.

The thing is… it’s not the first time this has happened. This is a way he shows me he loves me every week. He knows that come Saturday, I’m a worn out mess from busy days catching up with me. He takes our oldest to her Book Club every Friday morning because he knows that just the process of getting ready for the day is sometimes unbearable for my body. I never asked him to do these things. He just does them. He takes a job from my endless list of responsibilities and lightens my load during the week and he has no idea how much it helps me.

I’m not posting about this to brag or make other women show it to their husbands and say, “See, other husbands do it, why don’t you do this?!” (Please don’t do that.) Not that you would, but I know it happens because I’m guilty of doing it. Ugh.

I’m not gloating about our “perfect” marriage, because believe me it’s far from it. I’m talking about it because even during a week that has been emotionally strenuous on both of us, and when it could have been easy to hold on to grudges or hurt feelings from a fight we had this week, he didn’t. He still got up without being asked and took the girls to dance and came home with coffee for me.

I am thankful today for a help-mate in life who shows me how to love selflessly and who brings me my favorite coffee after a week when I deserved it the least. I think marriage can be incredibly difficult, but it also can be quite simple if we live by this truth: love big, give of yourself when you don’t feel like it, and serve each other well – even (or especially) when it’s hard.


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