The leaves here have begun
their changing
and falling

Just as I have begun
my changing
my falling

The mid afternoon light
defends herself against autumn’s threat
the air is too cold
for September

The glow falls everywhere
and nowhere at all
I feel I am falling
but nowhere at all

The chill inspires my bones
and dies
just as quickly as it comes

yet something steady
still lingers
silently beneath my chest

Nature has slipped her secret
like a folded note in my pocket
she whispers it on the wind
and I cannot keep it from myself

Sunlight is a glowing gift
in fall and winter days
by August she is a petulant blister
that makes us sweat and murmur

redundant complaints

No matter the beauty or bliss
we are alive to witness
we will be forever marked
by our human discontent

The leaves have begun
their changing
their falling
and I follow them to the cool ground

(September 2000)

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