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One of these days…

“That it will never come again, that is what makes life so sweet.” Emily Dickinson

This baby is turning six on Saturday. People always told me to enjoy my girls when they were babies because it “goes so fast”, but when I was a busy mommy of two girls in diapers that kind of advice usually went in one ear and out the other. The baby and preschool ages seemed never-ending, but they did end.

I know that in spite of not really realizing just how fast the time would leave me, I cherished almost every day with my girls and I know I have loved them so much it feels like my heart will burst out of my chest…even in the really hard moments of parenting. I’m so thankful that God provided in such a way so that I could stay at home with my girls and have many sweet memories that I will remember forever. It is a huge blessing that I don’t take for granted, even for a second.

I love-love-love this girl.

I apologize if this post is super sweet and sappy, but I’m okay with that. Six is kind of a big deal. How I wish she didn’t have to grow up. I love her more with each day and I would keep her home with me for the rest of her life if I could. But I won’t be able to and that’s just how it goes.

Because one of these days she will not want to cuddle with me. One of these days she will not need me like she needs me now. One of these days I won’t be able to protect her from getting hurt and her heart will get broken. One of these days she will go to college or travel the world and be far away from me. One of these days she might meet a boy and fall in love. One of these days he will ask for her hand. One of these days she might have babies of her own…one of these days.

But today is not one of those days. Today I can hold her as much as I want. Today she still needs me to tie her shoes and do her hair. Today I get to kiss her little cheeks and hold her hand. Today she still wants me to play puzzles and color. Today she wants me to rock her and sing her favorite songs. Today she is still my baby.

Last night I was awakened to little hands wrapping around my arms as she scooted under the covers, her head lying next to mine. I pulled her in close and we fell back to sleep. Today, I am thankful for this time I get to have with this sweet girl who I get to call my own for a bit longer. Happy 6th, my baby love!

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