Map of Sorrow

I’ve made a map of sorrow
I’ve arranged it in shades of blue

The most important points of interest
Are drawn in a darker hue

I’ve mapped out the pain
Marked the stops for ache

Denial I’ll be passing through
But here I cannot stay

The next stop is confusion
Numbness also made the trek

Those old quiet demons
stealing moments I can’t get back

Thankfulness and joy
mingle with sickening fear
the swinging pendulum
becomes a key on the map
for deciphering what’s unclear

Behind us– many sleepless nights
spent crying in the dark

the road echoes the understanding–
this journey isn’t for the faint of heart

accumulating days on this quest
like medals of honor

I wear them proudly
upon my breast

but the path in front
not the steps behind
reveals the real test

we can no longer stay
in this lonely forsaken mess

so we traipse ahead
knee deep in the sludge of happy sorrow
into the great unknown
and the awakening hope of tomorrow

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