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This post is really for me… a visual reminder that will be here when I need it most. I want to read this over and over on those days when I just don’t know how much longer I can keep living in pain, for those days when I can’t seem to do anything right, or the nights when I feel like the farthest thing from a good mommy because I’ve barked at them all day, or the mornings when it seems like I could sleep for a year, but breakfast and backpacks need tending to, or when I just don’t have any fight left and for every moment in between when placing one foot in front of the other seems impossible –  these are the days I will need to revisit these words and remember. God has a plan and He is using this struggle for good in my life.  

Two precious letters scrawled out in the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen… written just for me. Their words heal my soul right up. On a notebook full of medical jargon and my port “To Do” list, my girl writes words that sound like poetry in the midst of a nightstand filled with syringes and disease.

After a very hard day, my oldest leaves a letter on my desk when everyone is asleep. She asks forgiveness for her recent disobedience and whispers a healing prayer on paper that brings me to tears and changes my perspective when it was needed most. I have gained words to fuel my fight. Love notes from my girls to a mommy in need. A mommy that needs extra grace during a hard-fought battle… and they give it unreservedly to me. I have gained peace through the words of a 7 and 9-year-old who love with hearts so full I can’t even comprehend. 

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Thank you, God for my girls precious hearts and their beautiful words that keep me going.

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