Spiritual Reflections


I don’t like being busy. It is stressful and frantic. In our culture, a busy lifestyle seems to be the norm and sometimes it even feels like it’s how we are “supposed” to live. I think it’s highly overrated. It steals the joy out of the day, takes the luster out of our living. It distracts us from what really matters. As Rob Bell says, “Busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.”

But sometimes life just gets busy… or it stays busy and that can be completely overwhelming. This is not the kind of life we are meant to live. I want to live an intentional life, not a “just getting by” life. We will not always be able to do everything that everyone needs us to do or all that we think we “should” do. Our time and energy is limited but if we are intentional with our time, energy, and resources – the best things will get accomplished. Hopefully, those will end up being the most important things.

Our family is currently in a season of busyness. It seems like there is always something. It is crucial that in those busy times, we need to remember to slow down and breathe. We must remember to live fully in the moments. We can’t let the beauty of being alive get lost in a disorganized and un-prioritized life. I’m trying to learn to live well, despite the chaotic bustle of our busy schedule.

If we don’t stop and pay attention in the everyday living, we will forget how to really live. 


“Jesus Today” and “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young are books that help me to slow down when things get too crazy. I loved this passage today. Read it as if Jesus is speaking just to you…

“This world you inhabit is increasingly complex and confusing. You have more information at your fingertips than you could process in a lifetime.  There are so many demands on you – from the world, the church, other people, yourself. As a result, it’s easy to feel lost and perplexed. To find Peace in this chaotic clutter, you need to set priorities according to my will. It is crucial to make your relationship with Me the top priority – nurturing and strengthening your connection with me… Making Me your highest priority gives focus to your thinking. Other priorities fall in to their proper place when I am first and foremost in your life.”   –Jesus Today


What are you busy about? Are you fulfilled or fully stressed? Don’t let busyness replace living fully.

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