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To the Beautiful Anonymous…

I stumbled onto this quote the other day from a blog post that was about helping loved ones who are depressed, but I think the information can apply for those who are chronically ill, as well. And, let’s be honest. Being sick for the long term can cause serious depression. These words really hit home for me:

“Don’t give a depressed friend a book. Give them a steak instead. Preferably an expensive one. And pair it with a loaded baked potato, a bottle of merlot, and if you want to get really spiritual, a whole pan of Sister Schubert rolls. That’s what God did for Elijah when he was depressed to the point of wanting life to be over. He didn’t give him a lecture, or even a devotional. He gave him a meal and then let him sleep (1 Kings 19:4-7). He didn’t Jesus juke him. He took the physical as seriously as the spiritual. Because sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap (or a walk, or a meal).” — Sammy Rhodes

God gave Elijah a meal and let him sleep. He took the physical as seriously as the spiritual.

I am engulfed in emotion when I sit and think about how many people are praying for me and how God uses others to speak truth, love, and life into my world. God’s love never fails to take my breath away. This week someone anonymously gave money to help cover most of my prescription costs for the month. My scripts run about $400 a month and that’s not including my current IV antibiotics. I can say with much certainty that I would not have been able to do this treatment or pay for the things I need that help me live more fully, if it weren’t for the unbelievable generosity of others.

I had an overwhelming urge to write these amazing people a “thank you” letter, but since most of them wanted to remain anonymous, I don’t have a name or an address to send it to. So, I’m writing it here, because I need to thank you personally. I hope you read this and know how truly grateful I am. This post is for the “beautiful anonymous” who give to someone you don’t even know. I just can’t express in words what you do for my soul, my family and my life. Each and every one of you who have helped me on this journey has been Jesus in skin to me. Thank you for that. Don’t ever think I take it for granted for one second.

For those of you who committed to pray for me years ago, (you didn’t really know what you were in for did you?! ha!) But seriously, thank you for being faithful in praying for me and my family day in and day out. Your intercession on my behalf is truly humbling. For my mom and dad who moved from all they knew so they could help, thank you for your sacrifices. You don’t know how much you have helped us even in the little time you have lived here. For my friends who have stayed beside me throughout this craziness, I thank you for putting up with me and checking in on my needs. Your texts, emails, and encouragement brighten my day. For those who have given money for my doctor’s appointments and my medications, thank you for taking my physical well being seriously and for “giving me a steak and letting me sleep.” You have done more than you will ever know.

All my love,


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